carbide Router Bits-What The Woodworker Should Know About the Carbide Router Bit

Carbide carbide, a tough material meant to stand up to the high speeds and serious demands of woodworking professionals.

It provides a each router bit with a longer lifespan, allowing for more return on one’s investment since it will last longer, provide greater convenience, and be less prone to damage.

Carbide core bits are less likely to crack than those that do not utilize carbide, and they are less likely to wear down and need to be replaced.

The leading manufacturers of router bits make use of carbide in the production of their products specifically because their customers demand a high-quality bit. While some bits do not use carbide or include carbide caps, the more expensive, high-end examples of this product nearly always do. One example is the industry leader in woodworking bits.

The carbide core bits boasts the use of carbide in all of its woodworking bit lines. Out of all manufacturers, U.S. Diamond was the first to subscribe to, follow, and meet the standard set by Carbide Bits for quality and safety.

The carbon alloy steel used by U.S. Diamond for its bits contains vanadium particles that improve the quality of the bits, add to their lifespan, and ensure they will be less prone to corrosion, cracking, or any other type of damage.

The leading carbide producers in carbide, supply the carbide used in all carbide router bits, and the grinding is done via a machine more advanced in its applications than those used by competitors. In the woodworking bit market, it almost goes without saying that carbide core bits are the highest-quality router bits available.

Carbide is usually applied at the tip of the bits – that is, the part that actually does the cutting – to ensure a clean, smooth, polished cut that avoids slipping and chattering that may destroy the material used to complete the job.

Carbide-tipped bits are often sold in sets. Besides Carbide, another company that makes carbide-tipped bits is Skill, offering an 18-piece set of carbide router bits in a wooden storage case among other products.

Skill claims similar quality to the industry leaders like carbide core bits, but keeps the cost of its carbide-tipped bits low. Many brands are available, and many sets with various bits serving a number of functions are made with carbide for a long-lasting, quality bit product.

When Should You Consider a Debt Consolidation Loan

The idea of getting a debt consolidation loan is one that frequently gets thrown around as a quick solution to a lasting debt problem. We Don’t Think Is A Scam often read of it on debt consolidation loan advising about how to start over. In fact, there now seems to be a pervasive perception that debt consolidation is essentially a reset button for those who have struggled with debt for an extended period.

The problem with this perception is that it seems to suggest that your financial obligations are more tolerable if you are working with a debt consolidation loan as opposed to managing multiple credit lines at once. True, these loans offers considerable advantages that can help simplify your life, but it shouldn’t be perceived as an “easy way out” because that would suggest that debt consolidation is a in fact easy.

The truth is that, debt consolidation isn’t as easy as you might think. For example, do you exactly know when to start considering a consolidation loan without having to rely on an expert financial advisory to help you make that decision? Do you know the pros and cons of debt consolidation in the first place? When does a consolidated loan benefit you and when is it a detriment?

The Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to bundle all your debts into one workable payment term. However, it does not reduce your debt in any way, shape, or form. The only difference in this case is that you end up with just 1 credit source, as opposed to 5. As a creditor, it means you only need to think of one payment strategy at the end of the month.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that you will find a loan offer with a very favorable interest rate. The payment terms will also push the length back, meaning you are likely going to spend, say, 10 years paying off the debt if you adopt a consolidation strategy. The reduction in monthly payments comes from the fact that the payment term is also longer, not because the final amount you need to pay off has been decreased.

Considering a Debt Consolidation Loan

Given this, it is very important to know exactly when to start considering this type of loan. As you can see, it makes little sense to consolidate your debt if all that it will do is extend your payment period and if the interest rates on offer do not create real benefits. Here are questions that you should ask yourself to assess your readiness for a debt consolidation loan:

At the very least, you should be able to answer “no” to the first four questions and “yes” to the fifth to begin considering debt consolidation. If your current monthly income is sufficient enough to settle your current debts and you have a little extra to pay off the principal debt in advance, you should seriously consider sticking to the current debt payment plan unless there is a debt consolidation offer that has a very attractive interest rate. If all that you need to pay off your current debts is a little belt tightening, a debt consolidation belt may not be necessary.

While this kind of loan is an attractive solution to your debt problems, remember that it doesn’t work for everyone. Take the time to think through your situation, assess your current situation properly and compare it to the benefits of a debt consolidation strategy. If you take the time to look through the necessary concerns, you should be able to clearly determine whether you are in need of a debt consolidation loan or if you’re already set for paying off your debt, provided you can make a few changes to your spending habits.

How to Perfectly Schedule and Accomplish Your Organizational Tasks?

It is the topmost priority of an organization to research on and formulate a strategy to identify various tasks that need to be executed in an organization for its growth and to look for the ways employing which these can be executed fast enough with accurate results. The increased accuracy in terms of accomplishing these will move an organization closer to success.

Every reputed organization is well aware of the importance of these tasks and is earnestly looking for various ways so as to accomplish them in a better way and with faster results.

Organizations keep on working on the projects from time to time to achieve some projected objectives and to obtain products which hold a value. Working on these is a part of a long-term strategy of an organization to enhance its reputation and to market itself for winning over the trust of its consumers and clients. These men discuss and finalize the team members that are going to be assigned various tasks for their effective and prompt execution in a scheduled manner.

Are these men of merit able to control and monitor the working of the team members and check the efficacy of the tasks that have been accomplished by them through manual means or through emails, spreadsheets or arranging close meetings.

The foremost reason for this negativity is that the magnitude of tasks can overwhelm an individual as well as the whole team and the complexities and technicalities encountered in the execution of these tasks can be unnerving and unsettling at times.

Use of online scheduling would go a long way in addressing these concerns and in establishing a fair degree of discipline and order in the scheme of things.

Online Scheduling is a web-based tool that is specifically designed to aid the organizations which are heavily dependent on the execution of projects for building their reputation and growth of their businesses.

A task management software is filled up with a variety of features which improve the functioning of an organization and helps it to accomplish tasks in a faster and accurate manner.

  • The foremost priority of task management software is to establish a sound network of communication which can help the team members involved in an organization to share and discuss their concerns in a free flowing manner.
  • Using it, various individuals can be looped into an organization whose views can be of great help in dealing with complex organizational matters. They were not part of an organization originally, but there is an increased need to involve them in some of the selective affairs taking into consideration their vast knowledge and experience.
  • Its use enables easy and accurate definition and documentation of various important events, tasks, activities, roles and responsibilities for ready referencing and for greater accountability.
  • Important events and tasks can be arranged in the form of task lists for proper scheduling and documentation. Timely email notifications can be sent to the concerned persons who are expected to accomplish tasks set against their deadlines for greater control over these.
  • Its use enables easy sharing of data, files, records and resources amongst the team members due to the centralized nature of the software.
  • The documents, processes and resources in a task management software remain safe and secure from any harm which may result from any crashes, accidents, etc.
  • Archiving of records, documents, events and tasks can be done easily and in foolproof manner for the sake of easy referencing and retrieval and for future use.
  • Dashboard feature in it enables quick overview of various tasks and activities that were performed at a given point of time, making it easy to review and control them. It becomes easy to take stock of the tasks that have been completed and that are pending.
  • Time spent in accomplishing various types of tasks can be easily recorded and documented making it easy to plan the schedule of the tasks on the basis of their time requirements. This results in accurate projection of the tasks with respect to the time spent in accomplishing them and this results in greater efficiency.
  • Thus we can see how use of these utilitarian features can bring a drastic improvement in the functioning of an organization and helps it to execute its operations at a faster rate and with greater control.

Give Your Shop And Home A High Protection With Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutters From Salt Lake City are essential in guarding your private premises and properties. You may have expensive commodities for sale and those products should be kept safe till purchase happens. All over the world many commercial owners and land owners use rolling shutters and grills to protect their shops and homes. A rolling shutter serves many purposes and used in many places to serve the same in cost effective manner. It occupies no space as it can get coiled around the pin. It is not expensive, and it is light weighted yet serve years of use. Usually it is made out with quality steel and aluminum. Use a high end roller shutter doors for quick security.

Choose your design wisely:

It comes in many designs and can be collared as needed. It can be readily installed when needed and effective in giving high protection. A quality made roller shutter door can withstand any types of hard weather and easy to use and maintain. Hence, when you are constructing commercial properties like shops, and malls, remember to install a standard roller shutter with grills or without grills as your shops require. You can carefully choose the roller shutter doors for quick security. Along with protection, it gives your shop a neat and clean look. Fix it and forget it for it needs low maintenance and care. When you want to close your shop, just pull the shutter downward, it can come downwards with no effort, while opening just push it upwards, once you lift it, it automatically goes upward and get coiled around the pin. These are known as automatic rolling shutters and grills.

How to buy a better roller shutter doors for quick security?

When your construction work goes on, concentrate on the roller shutter doors for quick and fast security. Gather knowledge on the latest technology and features on them. According to your shop size, or garage size you may decide upon a particular roller shutter which will serve your need within your budget. Get quotes from rolling shutters industries; they will get you the perfect solution for your need. Remember to invest in the premium stock for saving your future worries. Do not get into trap of buying cheap products which can wear off in few times of use itself. Search for the companies which provide customers high satisfaction with their reliable services. Installation usually takes less than a day; hence the professionals should work their best and complete the work in time.

Get reference from others to serve your need:

You can hunt for a Roller Shutters From Salt Lake City products which can assure you a long service and after purchase service guarantee in your locality. Or your friends can refer the names of good shutters which they used for their needs and requirements. It should be economical, sturdy and value for your money. Usually it comes in two designs either in grills or in scales to suit your purpose. Grill shutters can be used where ventilation is highly needed.

Increase Efficiency With A Web Employee Time Clock!

If you are looking for more information about a Time Clocks then this article will help. This brief article explains the meaning, what they are, and why the clocks are gaining popularity.

A web time clock may also be known as a web-enable time clock or an internet employee time clock. A web time clock is an application where a person “Clocks in” or “Clocks out” to log units of time by connecting to the application via the internet. The units are in the decimal format of an hour. The time information is not stored on a local machine but rather on a networked server accessed from any web connection.

With the web time clocks there is no software to install and the user pays a usage subscription fee. The fee amount depends on the levels of service such as application updates, support, or user-quantity price breaks. Subscription fees are very attractive because the price for hosting the clock is spread across many users which could be, located internationally. Compared to maintaining hardware, software, and paying IT employees which support an internal clock application, most small to midsized companies verify that subscribing to a simple web employee time clock is both more cost effective and extremely efficient

Web time clocks are becoming popular because:

  1. Extended coverage: Major communication companies are constantly enhancing their transmission speed and range through technology advances. Wireless connectivity has expanded to what once were inaccessible areas. Wireless is a whole separate set of articles and is well beyond the scope of this one.
  2. Electronic filing compatibility: Most software of record keeping, tax reporting, and project managing, (to name a few), has compatible record formats so information can be exported or imported as needed. Web time clocks do not require paper and paper documentation has become cumbersome in most industries. Doing away with manual log entries means greatly reducing human errors which not only saves money but also decreases processing work. The bookkeeper’s time is efficient and that person can then move on to other projects.
  3. Ability to capture details. The saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it”. Tracking where your time is spent allows you to manage your work and maximize efficiency. For example, I was in a small clinic several months ago and saw the doctors carry lap-top computers from room to room as they visited patients. The information they enter is uploaded real-time into a main database for processing. Time is money and knowing where your ‘money’ is going is very critical to running a profitable business.
  4. More accurate billing. An employee time clock is not an organizer but simply a way to clock in and clock out. Knowing how much time you spend with a client or a project makes it easier to organize your books.
  5. No standing in line. I used to work for a warehouse which had one employee time clock mounted on a wall. All of us employees were not allowed to clock in prior to five minutes before the hour so we all stood around waiting to punch in. When ready, each person entered their employee number and waited for the clock to respond with verification.

You now should have a good understanding of web employee time clocks, what they do, and why they are helping people become more efficient and effective.

Why Modular Office Furniture is Being So Popular

Now a days, modular office furniture has become ideal and gaining popularity gradually because under the set up of such furnishings an individual truly gets the both, privacy and openness simultaneously.

In basic language, modular office furniture is a type of furniture product comprised of two or three distinct parts that may be assembled and disassembled to form different furniture models, desk furniture, to name a few. Modular office furniture can save your money up to much extent, as only small sum is required to completely furnish a workspace. These furnishings take up far less space than that of traditional cubicle furniture, wooden furniture and other furniture designs. Modular office furniture offers your employees a complete freedom from interruptions; still it is open enough to allow a worker to interact with fellow colleagues.

Modular Office provides officials an opportunity to run their business economically and work within a limited space. It is understood that when you establish and finally commission a new office you do it in a specified and budgeted manner and gradually it grows in size. But with a requirement of ever-growing and ever-expanding offices, you will have to accommodate a lot of people. Keeping this in mind, modular office furniture design would be the best option to go with.

Modular office furniture can be highly beneficial for employers helping improve their productivity. It also creates a more enjoyable work environment for employees.

Modular office furniture is getting extremely popular today because it is not only economical, but also sleek and finished in straight lines as compared with the other traditional furniture. These days, major share of our time spent working at workplaces. Taking this fact into account, in order to be productive, comfort is of the utmost importance as ergonomic office furniture provides the maximum comfort to the employees.

In the past one decade, modular office furniture has become quite popular because of its diversity and customization facilities. Modular furniture is available in wide range of colors, styles, types and materials. You are able to choose furniture on your wish on the basis of color, finish and the specific materials used. They can be easily moved, due to this reassembling the modular furniture is much easier as compared with the other traditional furniture and thus provides a lot of advantages.

The foremost part about the modular office furniture is that you will be able to utilize the comparatively far lesser amount of space and you will be able to create many kinds of different environments which kill the monotony as well and motivate employees to work more in a fresh manner. Modular office furniture, being easily available and not too expensive, is one of the best kinds of office furniture to purchase for a company that is in the process of development.

At workplace one needs to have a variety of furniture, from office furniture tables and desk furniture to computer office furniture and wood office furniture. You need to plan your office space to avoid over crowd and utilize the space. If you have modular office furniture then your office space will be utilized to the maximum extent.

It is highly recommended for businessmen to purchase modular furniture, which takes the growth of the business into consideration, and avoid purchasing modular furniture units from non-certified office furniture distributors and always speak to a consultant before making a final decision to purchase.

Choosing the Right HID Card Solutions

Is security your highest priority? If it is, then HID card readers and HID proximity cards may be the perfect solution for your existing or new installation. Today’s businesses require dependable, upgradeable, and ultra-secure products. HID CLASS series readers offer world-class access control with an option for Secure Identity Object„ protection, also known as HID card. When you’re searching for the right HID card readers, start by understanding your application then research products that fit your unique application needs.

For projects or applications that require the highest levels of security, it’s possible to obtain card readers and proximity or smart cards sharing HID card protection. This enhanced protection comes in the form of a secure data model that is stored within a single object. This data model may consist of a number of independent, yet associated data objects; including finger prints, e-cash applications, and card numbers. The HID proximity card has become one of the most advanced forms of secure identification in the world. It’s easily compatible with leading ID card printers and offers a wide range of benefits to nearly any organization.

Cards must be developed for dependability & reliability. For example, the 1386LGGMN proximity cards by HID offer a very consistent read range that is not compromised by body shielding, environmental conditions, or even pocket change and keys. Many companies prefer security solutions that are versatile and portable. When considering the available options, it is important to choose equipment that supports this need for variable card formats and multiple profiles. Choose card readers that meet the specific requirements for your company. HID ID card printers optionally come with a full suite of security software features that make expansion and upgrade much easier for administrators. Having such a printing/encoding device available in-house, means that all aspects of your security program will be fully maintained internally and with greater speed than many companies that choose to deal with an outside provider of security ID cards.

Whether you choose an HID proximity card for a contact less security setup or simply a smart card for computer terminal security, you’ll find a full range of ID card printers, readers, and supplies at HID Card. HID card, this innovative website offers a huge range of supplies and equipment by top manufacturers like HID, among others. You’ll find competitive prices, helpful information, and excellent service to assist you in choosing the best equipment for your organization.

Design Anything With 3m Double Sided Tape

In a home or business task you will find a plethora of uses for 3m double sided tape. The superior technology with the double sided tape allows the user to stick product labels, books, as well as floors to objects. You can consider 3m double sided tape for your general objective mounting tasks no matter what they are. The strength of the actual glue about the tape is generally enough to secure your object in place for at least a long time.

During artwork projects, 3m double sided tape can easily meet your designing requirements. You can use acrylic foam mp3 to stick labels on folders, notebooks, papers, or furniture. The double sided tape can also be capable of sticking to metal, aluminum foil, glass, as well as plastic surfaces, particularly if you purchase the polyester recording. Other double sided tape varieties include 3m masking tape and also 3m duct tape.

When you find yourself enjoying ultra-thin double sided tape for all your sticking needs, you realize you have finished your quest for that best tape. Nearly all kinds of 3m double sided tape include low surface energy, overall flexibility, and firmness. The mp3 is intended to connection with just about any material, providing which it is meant for that form of materials. As pointed out, your 3m double sided tape works best if you choose the tape meant for your use. For example, the polypropylene tape is good if you think you will need to rip or tear them back quickly. Long term tape nonetheless, which is meant for weather resistance is best outdoors.

Try 3m duct tape with acrylic mastic if you want to set up signs, atmosphere fresheners, or light up alarms. The actual glue from the tape are equipped for any moderately heavy item. In recent years, 3m masking tape may be improved so the user can handle it without having tearing or dispensing difficulty. If you need a recording to stick to your own object swiftly and safely, double sided tape is the solution in

The idea powering 3m masking tape is for you to definitely efficiently content label or adhere a section on another area. Rework your surface or perhaps tools with a lens bonding tape which is guaranteed to last. Before you squander your money about dozens of different tapes, not all of which last the amount of your project, understand it properly the first time when you buy 3m duct tape.

If you are concerned that simply no 3m double sided tape exists that is perfect for your project, here are some from the uses of the tape in their various forms. Quite a few for splicing, attaching, and binding to paper, metal, cup, plastic, as well as wood. The particular glue of the double sided tape will not dissolve and trickle off during the hottest weather conditions.

Easy methods to Launch A Consulting Organization

SAMS Supply Source refer to pros engaged in delivering specialist recommendations specifically fields just like law, human sources, accountancy, marketing and advertising, management, environment, know-how, amusement, medicine, finance, economics, communication, public affairs, engineering, graphic design and style, waste management etc. Because it is, consultants are independent contractors and not the workers of the employing organization. They’ve considerable education likewise as experience from the field/s in which they deal. As a consultant an individual has the method of either working to get a consultancy support, or be self-employed. If you wish to have your own private consultancy enterprise, you then would possibly be interested to understand, as to how to launch a consulting internet business.

Previously starting up up a consultancy corporation, it will be improved for any person to overview their experience likewise as credentials with the marketplace or subject issue where he or she wisher to provide you with companies. One will have to also produce a very honest appraisal of her or his popularity inside of their corporation network along with the market which she or he operates in. Just in case she or he feels that she or he has the required knowledge and education for commencing a consultancy business, then one must go forward with up coming methods, i.e. creating entrepreneurial expertise likewise as forming a small business plan.

In specific scenarios, it may perhaps also be achievable to take up consulting jobs although nonetheless getting employed with an employer. In spite of this, one ought to make it a point to not steal internet business from your existing employer, since it is versus business ethics. This way, you could be in an improved placement to make a decision as to regardless if a consultancy business could well be the right decision for you personally, without having allowing go of your recent occupation.

Most purchasers are expected to employ you only after they are sure that you simply possess a significant diploma of knowledge in addition as an unique viewpoint which could help them in expanding their enterprises. As a result, in case you begin a consultancy small business, be sure that you don’t be shy away from stating your knowledge, awareness, as well as your credentials. You’d probably be essential to show which you are aware of what you happen to be speaking about and you’ll aid the client expand his or her enterprise by placing your knowledge and encounter to give good results. So, while putting with each other the advertising supplies, make sure that you simply showcase your credentials. This might comprise your licenses and certifications, college degrees and certificates, or any awards or honors which you might have received. In addition to that, if you’ve featured in any media stories, then you definitely can also supply with references to this kind of sources. This might show for being fairly beneficial in gaining rely on through the individuals.

Likewise as you choose to start with you’re consulting small business, be certain you allow your social and online business acquaintances learn about the brand new venture. Just remember, when you’re new in organization, it is easy to not pay for to present small business promotion a skip. You should not neglect your own acquaintances. Considering that, although you might not obtain a good deal of business enterprise as a result of them, however they can positive refer you to other folks.

You are able to also advertise your corporation, by way of industry magazines or newspapers. It might also be a wise decision to create in addition as submit posts in these publications for demonstrating your knowledge in regard on the exact area. Also it is easy to make many people aware of your consulting online business. So now you understand how to start out a consulting organization, its time to get heading.

The Effects of Compensation on Employees Work Performance by Sam Anderson
in Business / Small Business (submitted 2014-02-06)

HRM strives to achieve organizational goals and the goals of workers through effective personnel programs policies and procedures. Victorious performances of the personnel function can greatly enhance the bottom line of any organization. The personnel practitioners however are challenged more today than at any time in the history by a changing and more demanding labor force that has high expectation about the work place. At the same time, rapidly advancing technologies and outside influences are changing the nature of our jobs. It is thus more critical and more difficult to maintain a work environment that motivates and satisfies Human Resources.
Edward Filippo states: “personnel management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.”
According to Wayne. F. Cascio “Compensation which includes direct cash payment, indirect payments in the form of employee benefits and incentives to motivate employees to strive for higher levels of productivity is a critical component of the employment relationship. Compensation affected by forces as diverse as labor market factors. Collective bargaining, government legislation and top management philosophy regarding pay and profit”
Compensation may be defined as money received for the performance of work plus much kind of benefits and services that organizations provide their worker.
Compensation is remunerate, reward, wage or salary given by an organization to persons or a group of persons in return to a work done, services rendered, or a contribution made towards the accomplishment of organizational goals. Wage, dearness allowance, bonus and other allowance are examples of financial compensation, while good accommodation, children education, transport facilities, subsidized ration of essential commodities, etc. come under non-monetary compensation. In short, wage paid to collar workers or salaries paid to white collar employee can be classified as compensation.
A good compensation package is a good motivator. Hence, the primary accountability of the HR manager is to ensure that the company’s employees are well paid.
To attract capable applicants. To retain current employee so that they don’t quit. The employee is motivated for better performance. Reward desired behavior. To ensure equity. To control cost. Facilitate easy understanding by all i.e. employee operating manager and HR personnel
The remuneration paid, for the service of labor in production, periodically to an employee/worker. Wages means any economic compensation paid by the employer under some contract to his workers for the services rendered by them. Usually refer to the hourly rate paid to such groups as production and maintenance employees’ wages include family allowance, relief, pay, financial support etc.
Salary is subjective by the size of a company by the specific industry, and in part by the contribution of the incumbent to the process of decision-making. Salary refers to the weekly or monthly rates paid to clerical, administrative and professional employees. Salary is determined by mutual agreement between the individual and the employer.
An incentive scheme is a plan or programs to motivate industries or group performance. An incentive program is most frequently built on monetary, but may also include a variety of non- monetary rewards or prizes.
The effective use of incentives depends on three variables. They are:
1. The individual.
2. The work situation.
3. The incentive plan.
Factors influencing compensation:
1. Organization’s capacity to pay
2. Prevailing pay and benefits in the industry:
3. Compensation in the industry and availability of special competent personnel
4. Flexibility, i.e. kind of competencies and abilities in managers:
5. Performance/productivity/responsibilities of individual.
6. Organization philosophy such as to be leader or pay prevailing rates.
7. Qualifications and relevant experience.
8. Stability of employment and advancement opportunities.
“Compensation literally means to counterbalance to offset, and to make up for. It implies an exchange. Compensation translates into different meaning among countries and even overtime”.
Society View:
According to G.T Milkovich and bloom “perception of compensation differs within countries as well. Some in society may see pay difference as a measure of justice.
Stockholder View:
To stockholder, executive’s pay is of special interest. In united state stock option are commonly believed to tie pay of executives to the financing performance of the company.
Employee may see compensation as an exchange of service rendered or as a reward for a job well done. Compensation to some reflects the value for their personal skills and abilities, or the return for the education training they have acquired. The pay individual receive for the work they perform is usually the major source of personal income and financial security and hence a vital determinants of an individual economic and social well being.
Managers also have a stake in compensation: it directly influences their success in two ways. First it is a major expense competitive pressure both internationally and domestically, forces managers to consider the affordability of their compensation decisions. Studies show that many enterprises labor costs account for more than 50% of total costs. Among some industries, such as service or public employment, this figure is even higher.
In addition to treating pay as an expense, a manager also treats compensation as a possible influence on employee work attitude and behavior and their organization performance. The way the people are paid affects the quality of their work, their focus on customer needs, and their willingness to be flexible and learn new skills, to suggest innovation and improvement, and even their interest in union or legal action against their employer.
Total compensation includes pay received directly as cash (e.g., base wage, merit increases, incentives, and cost of living adjustment) or indirectly through benefits and services (e.g., pensions, health insurance, paid time off). Programs that distribute compensation to employees can be designed in an unlimited number of ways, and a single employer typically uses more than one program. The major categories of compensation include base wage, merit pay, short and long term incentives, and employee benefits and services.
Base wage
Base wage is the basic cash compensation that an employer pays for the work performed. Base wage tends to reflect the value of the work or skills and generally ignores difference attributable to individual employees. Some pay systems set base wage as a function of the skill or education an employee possesses; this is common for engineers and scientists. Periodic adjustments to base wages may be made on the basis of change in the overall cost of living or inflation, changes in what other employers are paying for the same work, or changes in experience/ performance/ skills of employees.
Incentives also tie pay directly to performance. Sometimes referred to as variable compensation, incentives may be long or short term, and can be tied to the performance of an individual employee, a team of employees, combination of individuals, team of employees, a total business unit, or some combination of individuals, teamed unit. Performance objectives may be defined as cost savings, volume produced, quality standards met, revenues, return on investments or increased profits; the possibilities are endless.
Long-term incentives are intended to focus employee efforts on multilayer result. Top managers or professionals are often offered stock ownership or bonuses to focus on long-term organizational objectives such return on investments, market share, return on net assets and the like. Pepsi grants shares of stock to selected “key contributors” who make outstanding contribution to the firm’s success. Microsoft, Pepsi, Wal Mart and Proctor & Gamble offer stock options to all their employees. These companies believe that having a stake in the company supports a culture of ownership. Employees will behave like owners.
Incentives and merit pay differs. Although both may influence performance, incentives do so by offering pay to influence future behavior. Merit on the other hand, recognizes outstanding past performance. The distinction is a matter of timing. Incentives systems are offered prior to the actual performance; merit pay on the other hand, typically is not communicated beforehand.
The national commission on labor makes the following recommendation with respect to incentives:
(a) The application of incentives schemes has usually to be selected and restricted to industries and occupations where it is possible to measure on an agreed basis, the output of workers or a group of concerned workers and maintain a substantial amount of control over its quality.
(b) Incentive schemes have to embrace as many employees of an enterprise as possible and need not be limited only to operative or direct workers.
(c) A careful selection of occupations should be made for launching incentives scheme with the help of work-study teams commanding the confidence of both the employer and employees. The incentive scheme is required to be simple so that the workers are able to understand its full implications. The employers need to ensure that external factors such as non-availability of raw material and components, transport difficulties and accumulation of stock do not exert an unfavorable impact on incentive schemes.
(d) Production has to be organized in such a way, which does not provide incentive wage on one day, and unemployment on the other day- there should be a provision of the fullback wage as a safeguard against it.
(e) According to Subramanian, there are several prerequisites to the effective installation and operation of payment system:
a.) It should be developed and introduced with the involvement of the workers concerned in a harmonious climate of industrial relations.
b) Work-study precedes the installation of incentive programs.
c) The wage structure should be rationalized on the basis of job evaluation before devising an incentive plan.
d) The objective to be accomplished through incentives should be defined and accordingly, an attempt should be made to select a scheme, which is most suitable to accomplish them.
The fringe benefit systems purported to develop a climate for healthy employer-employee relationship, minimize excessive labor turnover costs and provide a feeling of individual security against hazards and problems of life with a view to eventually enhancing employee loyalty to the company and improving productivity.
M.Chandra lucidly describes fringe benefits provided by the employers to their employees under the statutory provision or on a voluntary basis. The social services provided under the factories Act, 1948, in the manufacturing industries include canteen, rest shelters, crche, storage or lockers, sitting arrangement, bathing and washing facilities and appointment of welfare officers, etc. other benefits include festival, year-end profit sharing, attendance and production bonuses, protective equipment’s, free supply of food items on concessional rates. Social security system provides benefits such as provident fund, employees state insurance (ESI) scheme, retrenchment compensation, employment injury compensation, maternity benefits, gratuity, pension, dependent allowance and contribution toward pension and gratuity claims.
In addition, other facilities enjoyed by the workers include medical and health care, restaurants, cooperative credit societies and consumer stores, company housing, house rent allowance. Recreational and cultural services, clubs, cash assistance. Some employers also provide education, transport facilities and conveyance allowance.
Laxmi Narain points that fringe benefits are an integral part of the reward system in the public sector undertaking and relate to management motivation similar to basic compensation.
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